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ORFC 2025 9 – 10 Jan

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Bringing the real food and farming movement together

Every January the Oxford Real Farming Conference connects people in the UK and around the globe who want to transform our food and farming system. Find out more.

Reflections on ORFC 2024

Farming is filled with ebbs and flows. Yet, as stewards of the land, we turn up every day caring for our crops and animals and working long hours to the best of our abilities to provide for our families and support our communities. We are tenacious, pragmatic and resilient because we believe in tomorrow. 
But to become the dominant force, we must work together and recognise that farms must be places of generosity, sharing and conviviality in a flourishing biosphere. Human beings can be an essential and positive force for good and this conference is a testament to that. Farms can be places of abundance, of healing, of beauty and of harmony and that can have an impact well beyond that of the soil under the farmer’s feet.
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