ORFC 2020 is now over! Buy tickets for ORFC in the Field.

**** The inaugural ORFC in the Field takes place at FarmED on the 7th and 8th of July, buy your tickets here ****

The 11th annual Oxford Real Farming Conference took place on 8th to 9th January 2020 at the Oxford Town Hall, and other nearby venues.  You can find the programme for ORFC 2020 here.

ORFC delegates come from across the food and farming sector, with an interest in meeting global food system challenges in innovative and environmentally sustainable ways. The Oxford Real Farming Conference is a unique opportunity to meet the people putting new models of farming into practice, be inspired by those who have been farming for some time, and connect with other farmers facing their own challenges in producing good, affordable food for healthy communities. Take a look at our highlights video from the 2020 conference.

This year’s conference featured over 118 talks, from global panels discussing the impact of farming on our climate to heated debates around how the UK can move towards a truly sustainable diet.  You can see a number of these sessions here. Audio files of all the talks are available here.

The next ORFC event is our first ORFC in the Field, which will take place on the 7th and 8th of July at FarmED in Oxfordshire. This two day workshop-style event will explore the practical application of sessions from this years ORFC and be curated by leading practitioners.  Sessions include beekeeping, building and monitoring soil health,  agroforestry design, growing, harvesting and utilising heritage grains and creating and running a CSA.  Please book your tickets here.