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ORFC 2025 9 – 10 Jan

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ORFC 2024

Partners, Sponsors, Funders & Supporters

A huge thank you to all our partners, sponsors and funders who have made ORFC 2024 possible! Thank you also to all who purchased supporter tickets to make ORFC accessible.



Media Partners

ORFC Supporters

Many thanks to everyone who purchased a supporter ticket to ORFC 2024! Below is a list of our online supporters, which will be updated on a rolling basis. ORFC would also like to gratefully acknowledge our in-person supporters, who will be included in our print programme. 

Andrew Melville Mo Plume, Modus AV Ltd
Anna Eden, DRARA Environmental Action Group Natalie Bennett, Green Party
Anne Stobart, Medicinal Forest Garden Trust Patrick MacManaway, Village Wizard
Carol Yiend, Raleigh Rosie Atkins, Feed Leeds and Feed Leeds Farm Group
Christine Elliott, The Kitchen Garden People Ross Wingfield, Real Wild Estates Ltd
David Yiend, Raleigh Sarah Poirier, Open Sky Co-operative
Doro Marden, Hornshurst Wood Sarah Watkinson, University of Oxford
Eleanor Boyle, mobilizefood.org Selena Gray, The Community Farm Chew Magna
Helen Walker Shonil Bhagwat, The Open University
Julia Currie, Croft farm Tom Bridge, Real Wild Estates Ltd
Michael Lewis, Heugh Farm