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ORFC 2025 9 – 10 Jan

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Fraud Protection 

Fraudulent ticket sales

Fraudulent ticket sales have been attempted in the past through setting up fake ORFC events. Please note you can only buy tickets from our website or through our box office in Ticket Tailor.

Phishing attempts: Attendee list scam emails

Some delegates and speakers have been approached with an offer to purchase a full list of our ORFC delegates and their contact details. Sadly this is now a common occurrence for large conferences and trade events. If you receive an email like this, please report it to Action Fraud and let us know on info@orfc.org.uk. Please do not respond or try to unsubscribe as they are phishing for active email addresses. If you do respond this will normally lead to more unwanted emails. We protect the information about the people and organisations we work with and would never share data with marketing companies. 

Scam emails might look like the following examples:


How to combat fraud

Details of how we collect, manage and store your information can be found in our Privacy Policy here. The advice the team would like to give you is the same in all situations: if the email hasn’t come from an address that ends in orfc.org.uk or realfarming.org, then it is not official and you should delete it. 

While we take this matter very seriously and will do whatever possible to protect our attendees, partners, sponsors and exhibitors, ORFC cannot be held responsible for any interaction or sale with fraudulent companies. 

If you have received a fraudulent email or become aware of fraudulent ticket sales, please contact the ORFC team on info@orfc.org.uk and include “URGENT – Fraud” at the beginning of the subject line. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.