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26 October 2022

Walk for Wildlife 2

In September 2018, 10,000 people gathered in London to demand Government action in response to the catastrophic declines in Britain’s plants and animals. Four years later, Chris Packham is once again leading a People’s Walk for Wildlife on Sunday, 27th November, in response to the Government’s #AttackOnNature

A Peaceful Take to the Streets

The People’s Walk for Wildlife 2 will show the Government that we are not small and insignificant and that our request for a liveable planet is not just from one or two of us but a mighty group of people from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds.

This is our opportunity to stand up and have our voices heard; a coming together to show our Government that we care about our wildlife, plantlife, pollinators, and biodiversity.

Stand up for wildlife on Sunday, 27th November and join the gentle, short stroll with like-minded people. All are welcome; bring family, costumes, and colourful banners. There will be no drums or chants, only birdsong. The walk will culminate with speeches.

Join the People’s Walk for Wildlife 2

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