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Digging swales at La Montanita agroecological farm, Nicaragua, Credit: Friends of ATC
18 May 2021

ORFC volunteer focus: Friends of ATC, Nicaragua

Volunteers from across the world helped to make ORFC Global a huge success – like the Friends of the Rural Workers’ Association (ATC) in Nicaragua, who translated the whole ORFC Global programme from English to Spanish for us. An incredible effort!

In return, ORFC has donated to La Montañita, an agroecological demonstration farm in Estelí, Nicaragua. The farm will support 9 rural communities in diversifying and expanding sustainable food production.

Erika Takeo has sent us an update from the farm:

Growing dragonfruit at La Montañita agroecological farm in Nicaragua

Growing dragonfruit

So far at La Montañita Demonstration Farm there are citrus and avocado trees, the 250 dragonfruit, the deep beds with the mother pig that has given birth, a ‘happy chicken’ system, and soon there will be a system of vining plants (chayote, granadilla, etc) in addition to implementing different soil and water conservation practices.

This month, work is starting on developing two additional agroecological demonstration parcels in Estelí in other communities – thanks to the support from ORFC!

Building a rainwater tank at La Montanita agroecological farm in Nicaragua

Building a rainwater tank

You can find out more about the farm here.

The ATC is a co-founding member of La Via Campesina, the international peasants’ movement which represents more than 200 million people worldwide.

ORFC Global sessions are available to watch on YouTube in Spanish and French.

Feature photo top of article: Digging swales at La Montañita
All photos courtesy of Friends of ATC

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