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Chris Packham to join farmers at ORFC 2023

The Springwatch host will speak alongside leading voices in agroecology who recognise the urgent need to transform food and farming by working with nature

27 Oct 2022

Celebrating the Life and Work of Chris Honahnie

In memory of an inspiring young food sovereignty leader

04 Jan 2023

Celebrating Satish Kumar’s Lifelong Peace Message

In recognition of Satish receiving the 2022 Goi International Peace Award, here we share his message on soil and spirituality

30 Aug 2022

Call for submissions deadline extended

Send us your ideas and proposals

08 Jun 2022

Call for proposals: deadline extended to 27 August

Send us your ideas for ORFC 2022!

18 Aug 2021

Best of ORFC Global

With over 200 hours of content from this year's ORFC, are you still playing catch-up? Fran Price highlights some of the most popular keynotes

13 Apr 2021

Behind the Scenes: the Making of the ORFC 2023 Programme

Programme Coordinator, Hetty, talks us through the process of bringing the ORFC programme together

27 Nov 2022

A Solstice message

ORFC Conference Director Francesca Price delves into the exciting line-up for ORFC 2022 in January

21 Dec 2021

A Harvest of Love

Creative writing from the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2024, on “SDG 0, the SDG of love and joy, applied to food and farming”

14 Feb 2024