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ORFC24: Reclaiming decision making power over our food systems

Jackie Kearney reports on an ORFC 2024 session that “affirms the right to food as a protected human right, and the role of our governments to represent the power of the people, not corporations”

05 Feb 2024

ORFC24: Rooting: Back Towards A Perennial Culture

Daniel Grimston shares a reflection on a horticulture session at ORFC 2024

20 Mar 2024

ORFC24: Sustainable Storytelling for Food Systems Change

Sally Granger reflects on ORFC 2024 session, Media Storytelling for Food Systems Change

22 Jan 2024

ORFC24: Wales’ First Seaweed Farm

Jo Hooper shares highlights from a session on sea sovereignty in action

19 Feb 2024

Satish Kumar’s Ode to the Land at ORFC 2023

A transcript from Satish Kumar's speech at the ORFC 2023 Opening Plenary in Oxford

05 Jan 2023

South West Real Farming Conference postponed

Proposals submitted so far will be held over

11 May 2022

Statement from the ORFC Global 2021 team

10 Jan 2021

Support ORFC to Support Others

Supporter tickets for ORFC23 are now available

13 Jul 2022

Tell Your Story Skills Sessions at ORFC 24

Two practical workshops announced for newer voices in the movement.

25 Oct 2023