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ORFC 2025 9 – 10 Jan

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ORFC 2022 is moving online

It is with heavy hearts that we have taken the decision to move ORFC 2022 entirely online

15 Dec 2021

ORFC 2022: General tickets now on sale

Book your ORFC 2022 tickets now

29 Sep 2021

ORFC 2022: Join us online

Tickets to ORFC 2022 in Oxford sold out fast - but we have a packed online programme if you can't make it in person

08 Dec 2021

ORFC 2023 Bursary Applications Close

Bursary applications close at 12pm BST on Monday, 5th September 2022

04 Sep 2022

ORFC 2023 Call for Submissions

Send us your ORFC ideas and proposals

14 May 2022

ORFC Co-founder discusses UBI4Farmers on Sky News

We are proud partners of the Basic Income for Farmers Campaign!

04 Apr 2024

ORFC Global 2021 attracts more than 5,000 delegates around the world

10 Jan 2021

ORFC Global 2021 Fraud Alert

There have been two recent instances of fraud that the ORFC Global team want to urgently bring to your attention.

06 Jan 2021

ORFC Global in review: how to cultivate our imaginations

Why we should be asking 'What if?'

12 Mar 2021