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ORFC24: Rooting: Back Towards A Perennial Culture

Daniel Grimston shares a reflection on a horticulture session at ORFC 2024

20 Mar 2024

ORFC24: Reclaiming decision making power over our food systems

Jackie Kearney reports on an ORFC 2024 session that “affirms the right to food as a protected human right, and the role of our governments to represent the power of the people, not corporations”

05 Feb 2024

ORFC24: Moving towards Farm Ecosystem Management

Becky Ashford recaps a session on moving away from chemical inputs in farm practice

12 Feb 2024

ORFC24: Land as Reparations and How to Get There

Tallulah Brennan shares a reflection on Land as Reparations at ORFC 2024

12 Mar 2024

ORFC24: How to Co-design Growing Spaces for Refugee Camps

Edward Macdonald recaps ORFC 2024 workshop, Cultivating in Crisis

26 Mar 2024

ORFC24: How Corporate Power and the Pesticide Industry is Blocking Progress

Méabh Byrne reports on an ORFC 2024 session exposing the corporate power of the pesticide industry

26 Feb 2024

ORFC24: Homelands: Belonging in the British Isles

SZ Shao reflects on ORFC 2024 session, Belonging to Places: the Language and Lore of our Wisdom Traditions.

29 Jan 2024

ORFC volunteer focus: Friends of ATC, Nicaragua

How volunteers at La Montañita agroecological farm helped to make ORFC Global a success

18 May 2021

ORFC Supporters Funded 1,500 Bursaries in 2023

At ORFC 2023, thanks to the generosity of all those who purchased supporter tickets, we were able to issue over 1,500 bursaries to the online and in-person conference.

09 May 2023