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13 April 2021

Best of ORFC Global

ORFC Global Programme Manager Francesca Price looks back on the conference and highlights some of the sessions that really stood out for watchers

Thank you to everyone who spoke at or attended ORFC Global in January. It was an incredible event which saw our normally small team grow to over 100 people by the start of the conference, as we facilitated 500 + speakers, across 18 different time zones, in seven languages.

Over the seven days we were delighted to be joined by 5,317 delegates from 125 countries, including Iran, Albania, Bhutan and North Korea!

We were also very grateful to our partners and allies who worked with us to offer an incredibly diverse programme where farmers from around the world joined activists, policymakers, indigenous leaders, scientists and many more to discuss the best way to transition to a global agroecological food system.

There are too many great moments to single out – and so much that people are still catching up on, but I’ve highlighted some of the most popular keynote speeches below.

ORFC Global 2021 popular keynotes

  1. Sharing the Land with All Life, Rebecca Hosking

  2. Organic No-till with Living Mulches, Soil Association

  3. Entangled Lives: Fungal Networks, Ecology, and Us, Merlin Sheldrake

  4. Life in the Soil Under Pasture, Andrew Neal and Felicity Crotty

  5. How Australian First Nations Peoples’ Land and Food Management are Closely Aligned with Regenerative Agricultural Practices, Charles Massy and Bruce Pascoe

  6. The Importance of Design for a Small Scale Farm, Perrine Hervé-Gruyer

  7. Our Branches and Roots: Building Solidarity and Racial Justice in our Movements, Deirdre Woods, Josina Calliste

  8. Rotation, Rotation, Rotation: Using Diverse Crops to build Soil Health with the Rodale Institute and FarmED

  9. Indigenous Food Systems, Lyla June

  10. Connecting Soil Health to Human Health: Shifting from a Sterile to a Fertile Paradigm of Care in our Inner and Outer Landscapes, Didi Pershouse

  11. Hedgerows: An International Perspective, Nigel Adams

Which sessions were your favourites from this year’s conference? You can check out more than 200 videos on our YouTube channel.

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