Soil health without breaking the bank

Building soil organic matter ups biological activity, nutrient availability, water infiltration and moisture holding capacity. 

Andy Whitmore (Rothamsted Research) will draw on the long-term experiments at Rothamsted and the wider science to sum up the best-proven steps farmers can take to build soil organic matter. Guy Thallon (Produce World Group) will report on practical trials comparing different soil amendments on working farms. Caroline Corsie (Worcestershire Wildlife Trust) will share insights from her ‘field lab’ with arable farmers, comparing the cost-benefit and effectiveness of different green manures. 

Chair: Helen Browning (Soil Association) 
Caroline Corsie (Worcestershire Wildlife Trust) 
Guy Thallon (Produce World Group) 
Andy Whitmore (Rothamsted Research)

Audio Recording

Speaker presentations:

Andy Whitmore – Soil Health


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