19 décembre 2023

Justice Hub with Seeding Reparations and Shared Assets at ORFC 2024

The Justice Hub at the Oxford Real Farming Conference will be the hub for conversations about justice issues, and their relationship to food and farming. This year, Seeding Reparations is collaborating with Shared Assets to highlight reparations and reparative systems, and will be running a series of lunchtime sessions around this theme. This year you can find the Justice Hub in The Magic Room in the Story Museum.

The Justice Hub is a dedicated space within the conference, for people who are discriminated-against or marginalised within agricultural spaces to share knowledge, feel empowered, and connect with each other. Building solidarity with international movements, the programme has expanded to encompass the exploration of intersecting issues spanning across transformational justice: land, race, food, class, climate, reparations, abolition, disability, health, gender, wealth, and migration.

Seeding Reparations and Shared Assets, as hosts of the Justice Hub, invite people to speak from marginal perspectives, whilst centring their topics on a belief in equity, solidarity and collaboration. We welcome all allies to come and share the space, and hope that holding this space will contribute to building a diverse and equitable movement around food sovereignty and land justice.

This year’s Justice Hub will have a focus on the issue of reparations across several panel discussions and workshops. We aim to shine a light on the work that is currently happening in the UK around reparative justice with a particular emphasis on land and food systems.

Sessions will include: Land as reparations and how to get there with Katherine Wall, Repairing the Land: an enquiry into ecological, cultural and social repair with Rachel Solnick and Diasporic Black and Brown Communities: Land, Belonging, Representation and Social Justice with Black and Green Futures and Claire Ratinon – as well as two lunchtime networking sessions, for those doing work or research on reparative justice, led by Seeding Reparations.

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