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Soil Association

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Soil Association

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Who are we?

The Soil Association was formed in 1946 to transform the world into a place where we can all farm, eat and live healthily in balance with the environment. This aim remains unchanged today.

What do we do?

We work with farmers, growers and researchers to find pioneering and practical solutions to today’s farming challenges.

Why do we do it?

We want to make good food the easy choice for everyone, and enable nature-friendly farming so that it becomes the norm.

How do we help farmers and growers?

Our Producer Support team is made up of farmers and agricultural advisors who all have ‘on the ground’ farming experience. They are involved in a wide range of projects and on-farm trials, and are plugged in to a wider network of organisations and specialists. This connection with both farmers and influencers can help change ideas and practices in the future.

Across the organisation:
To find out more:
Projects our team are currently working on include:
  • FABulous Farmers, an Interreg NW project looking at increasing efficiency by using Functional AgroBiodiversity;
  • Carbon Assets for Soil Health (CASH) which looks at how organic farming methods help sequester carbon;
  • And four H2020 projects:
    • RELACS and Organic PLUS, looking at ways to reduce contentious or harmful inputs;
    • OK-Net Ecofeed, improving access to regionally-sourced and organic feed for pigs and poultry;
    • LIAISON, optimising interactive innovation in food and farming.

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