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Soil Association

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Soil Association

The Soil Association’s vision is a future of regeneration. We see a world with good health, in balance with nature, and a safe climate.

There are global emergencies in climate, nature and health – but food, farming and forestry hold the key to solving them. The Soil Association has over 75 years of experience in pioneering solutions, working across the whole food, farming and forestry system to drive action.

Our charity works with people and nature to create practical solutions that prove we can transform our future from the ground up.

Out in the field, we work with farmers, growers and foresters, supporting them to thrive, while stewarding the land using nature-friendly practices like agroecology and regenerative forestry.

In businesses, we work with caterers and people across the supply chain, guiding them to source from sustainable producers to help put nutritious food on menus everywhere and increase access to sustainable options.

Our policy team take learnings from practitioners and other experts to policy makers to support the development of pragmatic policies, that deliver for climate, nature and people. We work with everyone across the sector – bridging connections between ideas and people to build holistic nature-based solutions, and a landscape where everyone is respected.

Our collective knowledge can give you the confidence to act, and be a force for nature, climate and health. The time for change is now. Working together, we can achieve net zero, recover nature and strengthen food resilience.

Find out more: www.soilassociation.org

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