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Meet the Nature Friendly Farming Network

Monday 11 January | 7pm GMT

What is the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN)?

We are a group of farmers from across the UK who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature. We come from a range of backgrounds big and small, organic and conventional and are passionate about ensuring our countryside is productive and bursting with wildlife.

There is a need to highlight that farming and nature can go hand in hand and that in fact none of us can farm without encompassing that nature is indeed a stakeholder in our farm businesses and is integral in all we do.

The network is open to farmers, organisations and the public alike and there is no cost to join. The NFFN raises awareness of nature friendly farming, shares insights and experience and works together with other farmers and partners whilst aiming for better policies for food and farming. Now that we have left the EU, decisions made should ensure that British farming secures a sustainable future and does far more to help nature to survive and thrive.

The NFFN wants to help its members have a strong voice in these important policy debates and provide supporting resources for farming and nature best practice. We also want to inspire the public about a future where farmers and nature work hand in hand. By working together, we can learn more, inspire more people and have a greater influence. We hope that you will want to join us.

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