Better jobs and better farming

Better Jobs and Better Farming

or What would it look like to have a million better jobs in UK farming?

Government and food industry policy, which affects farmers in the UK and overseas, fails to adequately protect nature and promote sustainable farming, and undermines the resilience of rural economies and the ability for farmers and others to make a good living on the land. With our panel we will discuss an alternative vision and debate whether a target of a million good jobs for better farming and land-use is feasible or helpful in the UK, and what impact would it have? And more broadly discuss what the structural reasons are –government policies and corporate practices– that undermine rural economic resilience and sustainable farming, that a plan for a million good jobs for better farming would need to challenge e.g. land policies, and subsidies, for sustainable farm/land management.


Chair – Kath Dalmeny, Sustain

Colin Tudge (College for Real Farming and Food Culture)

Bridget Henderson (Unite the Union)

Rachel Harries (Soil Association)

Stephen Wyrill (Tennant Farmers Association)

Marcus Potter (LANTRA)

Audio recording: