Year: 2018

Measuring Sustainability for Fairer Future Policy

At this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference the Sustainable Food Trust will be convening a session delving into one of the most important issues for future farming policy in the UK – how do we measure on-farm sustainability and bring

2019 Programme Corrections and Additions

Please find below corrections and additions to the 2019 programme that were made after the programme had gone to print. Changes are in italics…   3rd 0900 – 1000, Council Chamber Farm-scale rewilding and the launch of a UK rewilding

Weaning Ourselves Off Nitrogen

Our current food systems are suffering from an addiction to nitrogen. Global use of nitrogen fertiliser has grown exponentially with projections that it will reach a total of 118 million tonnes by 2020. The UK’s addiction is significant, and this

Farm Practice for the Future at ORFC

The Oxford Real Farming Conference is fast approaching and on 3rd and 4th January 1,000 delegates, including more than 200 expert speakers, will take part in a record number of sessions for this year’s 10th anniversary event. ORFC has always

Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 Highlights

The 2019 Oxford Real Farming Conference is set to be the biggest yet – with more sessions, delegates and an additional venue. Here are a few highlights to look out for: Eliot Coleman Long-time organic farmer and author of The

Local Abattoirs: Why they are closing and how we can save them

    Small abattoirs are the unsung linchpins of our local food systems. Without them, we could not have local, traceable meat production. Small-scale, high welfare farming, rearing of rare breeds, organic or pasture fed and the success of local

The next generation: Connecting young farmers

The Sustainable Food Trust and New Food Entrepreneurs are hosting an evening session at the ORFC aimed at the next generation of food producers. How do we encourage more people to become “real farmers”? What are the problems young farmers

Press Release: Michael Gove to attend Oxford Real Farming Conference

Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affair, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP will be attending the 10th annual Oxford Real Farming Conference on 3rd January 2019, to take part in a Q&A session. This session will

Chelsea Green @ ORFC 2019

9th December 2019 Chelsea Green have a stall at ORFC 2019 and have very kindly sponsored two of their authors, Eliot Coleman and Steve Gabriel, to fly over from the US to speak at the conference. Here they explain more

Agricology @ ORFC 2019

7th December 2019 Agricology are very involved in the Oxford Real Farming Conference – they are a sponsor (without which we would not be able to host the conference and for which we are hugely grateful!) and along with the

Press Release: ORFC celebrates its 10th year

The programme has just been released for the much-loved Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), now in its tenth year. The 2019 conference will be the biggest yet – with more sessions, more delegates and an additional venue. Taking place on

ORFC 2019 Call for ideas

11th July 2018 We are just six months away from ORFC 2019 – the 10th anniversary of the conference.  ORFC is an annual gathering which brings together practicing mud-on-the-boots farmers and growers with scientists, economists, activists, and anyone else with a keen interest