Why have we raised the ticket price this year and why speakers need to buy tickets…

Ticket prices

Thanks to our sponsors and funders we have over the years been able to subsidise the cost of the conference tickets to delegates. This is a very important part of what ORFC is all about. We do not want anyone to be excluded because of the price. However, this year despite huge fundraising efforts by the ORFC team we will be unable to subsidise the ticket price by as much as last year.

The conference costs over £71,000 to organise.

Our fundraising will still enable us to subsidise the cost of the ticket by 45 percent but in order to cover our costs we have had to raise the ticket price by £10. This is something we have not done lightly and you can be sure that next year we will be looking again to do our best to raise more funds to secure the highest possible subsidy.

Speakers buying tickets

In order for the conference to go ahead, we need everyone – including speakers – to buy tickets. Some conferences are hundreds of pounds per head to attend, which for many of our delegates, specially farmers and growers, this is simply not possible financially. It means only a certain demographic – of those who can afford it – can attend. We feel that if everyone buys a ticket, it means people from varying income backgrounds can come. We also feel that by speakers buying tickets, it moves away from an ‘us-and-them’ approach of speaker and listener, but rather everyone is equally part of the conference, helping to create a sense of collective participation and camaraderie. The ORFC team work on a part-time/volunteer basis where we keep our overheads as low as possible.

That said, we are always open to suggestions for future conferences, particularly intelligent alternative-finance ones, so feel free to get in touch!

Nessie Reid