Why Climate Smart Agriculture Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be


‘Climate smart agriculture’: it sounds like a straightforwardly good thing. Climate action is urgently needed and agriculture is bound up in complex ways as both a cause and a victim of climate change. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that the term is being used to greenwash business-as-usual. A ‘Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture’ was set up at the UN Climate Summit in September bringing together governments including the UK and US with big business including Yara, Syngenta, McDonalds and Walmart. The Alliance includes no environmental or social criteria for what can be called ‘climate smart’, leaving it open to simply being a re-branding exercise. La Vía Campesina has rejected the concept as an attempt to push an agribusiness agenda under a green mask. Join this session to learn more and discuss ways of resisting these smoke and mirrors attempts to avoid making the changes that are really needed for our climate.


Gisele Henriques
Gisele is a food security and livelihoods specialist with 10 years’ experience in supporting the work of local organisations, social movements and communities in Brazil, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Helena Paul
Helena, co-director of EcoNexus, has worked on a wide range of environmental and human rights issues. Since 2006 she has worked on biofuels, the bioeconomy, and climate and agriculture, looking at the implications for food sovereignty, biodiversity, climate, soil and water, land rights and human rights of proposed developments. Since 2009 she has also focused on synthetic biology and geoengineering. She has authored and co-authored a number of papers and a book, Hungry Corporations, published by Zed Books.



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