What does good animal welfare look like and how to achieve it?

Achieving the highest animal welfare takes care, attention to detail and planning. Two farmers and a vet will share how they use some of the key tools and techniques that can help. 

Andy King will talk about the welfare and business benefits of regularly assessing welfare outcomes at Coombe Farm. Jessica Stokes will share how the farming industry uses outcomes to assess welfare, focusing primarily on problems like lameness in dairy cattle and feather loss in laying hens. Nick Bell will talk about the difference that animal health and welfare planning can make on the ground. 

Chair: Liz Bowles (Soil Association) 
Andy King (Coombe Farm) 
Jessica Stokes (Soil Association) 
Nick Bell (Royal Veterinary College)


Audio recording:



Speaker presentations:

Jessica Stokes – Presentation

Nick Bell – Animal welfare


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