The Rural-Urban Divide (interactive session with the Groundspring Network and Reclaim the Fields)

This is an interactive session by the LWA new-entrant wing, The Groudspring Network and Reclaim the Fields. The rural-urban divide is an uneasiness we have observed in workshops we have held, and it has made us curious to voice this tension. We will explore what the rural-urban divide is, why it exists and practical steps to overcome barriers. How do first generation farmers integrate into rural communities? How does the farming community meet the needs of urban populations? This session is for future and first generation farmers, farming folk and city dwellers to collaborate and learn from one another.



Ed Hamer
Ed is a grower at Chagfood Community Market Garden in Devon and co-editor of The Land magazine. In 2008 he and a handful of young farmers from across Europe formed Reclaim the Fields to bring together rural and urban growers and activists. In 2012 he helped to co-found the Landworkers’ Alliance and has since worked on their campaigns team and as press officer. He is coordinating the first FarmHack event in Europe to be held at Ruskin Mill in Gloucestershire on the weekend of the 18th and 19th April 2015.
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