The new grain revolution

The new grain revolution: Growing Healthier Bread in Scotland, England and Wales 

Gluten-intolerance and poor digestibility are two of many reasons why growing numbers of people spurn the bread on offer. It fails to meet citizens’ nutritional needs and is one of the most distorted parts of a broken food system. Hear agro-ecological perspectives from Scotland, England and Wales. Three collaborations bring together cereal scientists, farmers, millers and bakers to create a thriving, regional grain economy with the common purposes of health, sustainability and food sovereignty. 

This workshop will be followed by a community bread lunch, a lunchtime discussion on how communities can take control of their own bread. 

Andrew Forbes (Brockwell Bake) 
Andrew Whitley (Bread Matters and Scotland The Bread) 
Anne Parry (Felin Ganol Watermill and Welsh Grain Forum)


Audio recording:


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