The College for Real Farming and Food Culture

If we and other species are to survive in a tolerable state then we need to re-think all of food and agriculture from first principles: the husbandry; the cooking; the science; the political, economic, and legal infrastructure; and the underlying morality and metaphysics. For this we need a new kind of think-tank and new centres of learning. This session will examine plans to set up a College for Real Farming and Food Culture, which will aim to develop and promulgate the ideas that can underpin the Agrarian Renaissance that the world needs.

Chair: Lucy Ford (Oxford Brookes University)
Nick Read (Bulmer Foundation)
Chris Smaje (Small Farm Future),
Helen Woodcock (Kindling Trust)
Colin Tudge (College for Real Farming and Food Culture)

Speaker presentations:

Chris Smaje – article for Indie Farmer (summarising presentation)

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