Runaway maize

Our soils are coming under devastating pressure from an unlikely crop. Maize, especially when badly grown, causes severe environmental damage to soils and rivers. Commonly grown as feed for livestock, there is also scientific evidence that maize silage has a negative impact on the nutritional quality of milk. Rents for farmers are spiralling as more land is being pushed into production of maize for anaerobic digestion, affecting farmers producing food across the UK. Scandalously, many farmers receive significant subsidies to grow maize and therefore to damage the environment. Presenting from their recent report, the Soil Association and others will examine these issues.

Chair: Peter Melchett (Soil Association)
George Monbiot (Guardian)
Mark Lloyd (Angling Trust)
Georgia Farnworth (Soil Association)
Gillian Butler (Newcastle University)


Audio recording:



Speaker presentations:


Gillian Butler – Maize and milk

Mark Lloyd – Effects of maize production on rivers

Georgia Farnworth – Runaway Maize

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