Retail – the missing link in scale up

Most farming activity is to be found outside of cities and most food produced finds its way into cities to feed the people. This food is usually produced from industrial farming, much of it overseas and sold through retailing giants who offer a soul destroying shopping experience. 

There is a vast market potential out there which is not being exploited to any degree. 

This session will look at the barriers and solutions presented by these facts. 

A vision for city high street retailing to be inhabited by independent stores that offer local food from local farms and offer a heartening human scale shopping experience. These retailers can connect people with where their food comes from, and build stronger communities, as well as growing the market for local growers. There is no greater way to scale up our world of sustainable food and communities than through good high street retailing. 

Phil Haughton (Better Food) 
Julie Brown (Growing Communities)


Audio recording:

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