Public money for public good: valuing farm subsidies from different perspectives

Chair: Vicki Hird (Sustain) Speakers: Helen Browning (Soil Association), Tim Lang (City University, London), Doug Parr (Greenpeace UK)

The outcome of June’s EU Referendum means that for the first time in a generation the trade deals, business regulation, and health and environmental legislation underpinning unhealthy and unsustainable behaviour will be debated and re-written. The level of farm subsidies and support will undoubtedly be scrutinised, with many – including government Ministers – arguing they could be spent elsewhere or saved altogether. This session will explore the value of farming, for our health, nature and economy: where else the public subsidy could go to achieve these benefits, why we need farm subsidies at all, and whether and how a case can be made for a new contract between taxpayer, farmer and other land managers. We will have a short answer to these questions from our three expert speakers and then open it to the floor for lively debate.

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