Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 Highlights

The 2019 Oxford Real Farming Conference is set to be the biggest yet – with more sessions, delegates and an additional venue. Here are a few highlights to look out for:

Eliot Coleman
Long-time organic farmer and author of The New Organic Grower, Eliot Coleman will guide the audience through the journey that organic farming has been on and what he believes is in store for its future, as well as participating in a special session on tool customisation, another area in which he is a renowned pioneer.

Vivien Sansour 
Founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library, Vivien Sansour, will be speaking about her work to recover ancient seeds and put them back into the hands of the people. While the seed library is an interactive art and science project that aims to provide a public space for people to exchange seeds and knowledge; it is also the subversive rebel who is of the people and is inspired by the nature of seeds that travel across borders and checkpoints, defying the violence of the landscape while reclaiming life and presence.

Steve Gabriel
Author Steve Gabriel will be speaking first thing on day one of the ORFC about his work in silvopasture – the agroforestry practice that combines trees, animals and forages. Steve will invite attendees to explore an approach to ecological farming that ranks among the best solutions to climate change, whilst providing an ethical and productive system for healthy livestock.

Barbara Hachipuka Banda 
Barbara Hachipuka Banda is the founder and director of the Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia. Barbara advocates on behalf of small-scale women farmers, who are critical agents of change in the transformation to sustainable agriculture. Her presentation will provide an overview of how working with women farmers to promote sustainable agriculture also has a positive impact on gender equality, poverty reduction, education and community development.

Guy Shrubsole
Guy Shrubsole is a campaigner and writer whose forthcoming book Who Owns England? explores the hidden history of land ownership. He will be part of an interactive workshop exploring what campaigns, coalitions and research we need to protect County Farms, which are a traditionally important step for new entrants into our farming communities.

Speakers will be available for interview on request, please contact press@orfc.org.uk or speak to a volunteer or press officer on the day.

If you do not yet have a press pass and would like to attend, please get in touch to apply as soon as possible – we only have a few spaces remaining.