Farming outside the box

Releasing the potential of your farm’s resources

ORFC2015 Farming Outside the BoxAt a time when costs are rising but yields are stagnant, we need to start thinking and farming outside the box.

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At this year’s ORFC – you will find fresh ideas and vibrant discussions at an event designed by farmers for farmers. If you want to take a fresh look at how you farm, this year’s conference is for you!

Discover how you can:

• Take greater control over your suppliers and markets

• Make better use of your farm’s natural resources. Is applying more pressure to soils, plants and animals really the only answer?

• Release the natural fertility of the soil

• Address the resistance to chemicals that nature is developing

• Benefit from the innovation and drive of youth

There is plenty of evidence that size of farm is not a good indicator of efficiency.Well-capitalised and managed small farms can outperform large ones. This year, with a strong science base, the ORFC is focusing on how you can reduce the cost of feeding and protecting your crops and livestock AND maintain your bottom line.

Based on real stories and inspirational ideas, we are focusing on the areas where you can make a real difference on the farm – such as through:

• Novel methods of weed control

• Reducing your fertilizer bill by better understanding the micro-world around your plants’ roots

• Keeping your vet at bay

• Producing milk from pasture rather than grass

• Adding value on and off the farm

• Becoming a marketing pro – taking control of your own produce

• Cultivating the next generation through creating opportunities on your farm

But farming is not just about what happens on the farm. Policy, finance, marketing, mental and physical health, networking, succession, bringing young people into farming and so on all influence what happens on the farm. The conference will address these in three streams on the fringe – digging deeper into the big ideas, sessions for new entrants and more.

Join us at this year’s ORFC where you will be encouraged and inspired to farm outside the box

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