Open pollinated seed, antiquated relic of a past agrarian age or the vital ingredient for a sustainable farming future?

Chair: Lawrence Woodward (Whole Organic Plus) Speakers: Gunter Backes (University of Kassel), Iain Tolhurst (Tolhurst Organic Partnership CIC), Catrina Fenton (Garden Organic), David Price (Seed Co-operative)

Nine of every ten mouthfuls of food derives from seed. Centuries of farming developed a hugely diverse range of food crops by 1900. Five corporations now supply 75% of the world’s seed. Over 90% of the diversity has been lost and plant breeding techniques are developing faster than most people (and probably the regulators) can keep up with. How do communities take back control of our food supply?

Open Pollinated seeds powerpoint 

Hybrids, CRISPR and Organic Agriculture

The Seed Cooperative