News Round-up

Survey on Alternative Approaches to Livestock Health

Whole Health Agriculture are conducting a survey to find out how farmers and smallholders manage their animals health. They are particularly interested to hear from those who use ‘alternatives’ to conventional drugs and other interventions to keep their livestock healthy – whether they are conventional or organic farmers. These could include homeopathy, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, Obsalim, essential oils, acupuncture, osteopathy, seaweed, herbs, cold water treatments and herbal leys. To help them find out how successful these alternative methods are, please take the survey here.

Upcoming Webinars and Online Events

Tuesday, 23 June, 2020.  11.30 am – 1 pm. Virtual Field Day (LEAP) Integrated Pest Management in Arable.Upcoming Online Events

Virtual field day looking at how IPM is working for arable farms in the LEAF Network of Demonstration Farms and Innovation Centres.LEAF’s Lucy Bates will be joined by Alastair Leake, farmer of the GWCT’s Allerton Project, James Loder-Symonds, agronomist from Nonington Farms in Kent and others. Click here to  book your place: or email for more details

Wednesday, 24 June, 2020. 7 pm. Setting up and running cooperative sales and purchasing models for farmers and food systems.

The Kindling Trust from London, the Better Food Shed from London and Somerset’s Cooperative Services will come together to discuss how farms can work together to enjoy the benefits of cooperative systems.  Book here.

Wednesday, 24 June. PFLA Webinar: Talking Soil – Nicole Masters in conversation with Tim Williams

Sadly there will be no Groundswell this June, but Nicole Masters is a regenerative farming powerhouse and fountain of knowledge when it comes to soil health and realising the potential of your land.  350 people have already signed up! Don’t miss out on your opportunity and book here.

Thursday 25 June. 12.00 – 1.00 pm. How can we build resilient food systems in the Covid-19 recovery?
Sustain and the Local Trust, will host this webinar which will focus on how COVID-19 has impacted local and national food systems and what needs to be done in order to build more resilience into our food systems for the future.  Joining the discussion will be many ORFC regulars; Maddie Guerlain, Project Coordinator for Sustain, Dee Woods from the Independent Food Aid Network, Julie Brown, Director of Growing Communities, Sue Pritchard, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission and Sue Morris, chair of Devonshire West Big Local. For some more context on the topic ahead of the event, take a look at this blog by Maddie Guerlain. Register for the event here. The event will be held via Zoom and joining instructions will be sent to attendees beforehand.

Also, have a look at the Beyond Here webinar series from Stir to Action in partnership with Selgars Mill. This launches on June 22 and will run weekly through July. Here is information about the first four:

June 22 (3.00pm – 5.00pm) | Commoning and Post-Capitalist Institutional Change

Even though the pandemic has illustrated the structural flaws of the market/state order, post-capitalist alternatives are often ignored. We’ll explore commons’ projects around the world that are pioneering flourishing new social and economic logics.

June 29  (3.00pm – 5.00pm) | Social Ecology: Creating an Ecological Society

Join this webinar for a comprehensive overview of Social Ecology, an interdisciplinary body of ideas that explores the relationship between social and ecological problems from a transformative political perspective.

July 6 (4.00pm – 6.30pm) | Worker Co-op Development in Immigrant Communities

Immigrant communities across the world face a broad range of barriers to safe and dignified work. We will explore how the Center for Family Life partnered with community residents in the entrepreneurial act of developing worker co-operatives.

July 13 (3.00pm – 5.30pm) | Collective Courage: Co-operatives & the Black Economy

We’ll explore how subaltern populations use co-operative economics to address marginalisation, discrimination, and poverty, the importance of solidarity and trust in the sustainability of co-ops, and the role of Black women’s leadership in the co-operative movement.

Additional information and registration can be found here.


Communications Assistant, Sustainable Food Trust

The SFT are seeking a highly motivated and capable assistant to join their team. This is a fantastic opportunity to be right at the heart of the organisation, supporting the SFT to amplify their work. The successful applicant will be assisting the Head of Communications, Megan Perry, and will support their digital communications, media engagement and campaigns.  See more details here.

Sustainable Farming Officer, Sustain

This is an exciting new full-time role at Sustain, principally to support the work to their Sustainable Farming Campaign Coordinator, Vicki Hird. They are seeking someone who can work alongside Vicki and other colleagues to help manage campaigns, research and policy activities on sustainable farming, fair supply chains and related issues. The project officer will also have distinct areas of work to develop that will make a significant contribution to Sustain’s ability to influence innovative financial incentives, sustainable land use and better farming practice. See more details here.