Mental Health and Well Being Amongst Farming Communities


People in farming communities face special pressures that can affect their well-being – whether related to their business, to the weather, to their health or to their family and issues of succession. Three farmers share their experience and discuss practical options for addressing such pressures. Representatives from the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs will present their Rural+ Mental Health campaign and Andrea Malmberg will also describe an internet-based Well-Being Self-Monitoring Tool that she has developed to help farmers to monitor and build their own well-being.


Chair: Jock Muirhead, young farmer, Somerset
Jock Muirhead is a young farmer in Somerset but originally from the Scottish Borders. He works part time at Sedgemoor Livestock Market as well as helping out on beef and sheep farms in the area. He has a small flock of his own sheep and enjoys showing livestock when he can. Jock played a key role in coordinating the distribution of forage and other forms of aid to stricken farmers in Somerset during the flooding of 2014 – something which was hugely valuable in a time of great need. He also chairs Somerset YFC’s Agricultural Committee and represents the county at the National young farmers council.

Georgie Morris, young farmer, Shropshire
Georgie Morris is an 18 year old young farmer from Shropshire and works on the family farm. She is a champion of the National Federation of Young Farmers Club’s Rural+ Campaign which is raising awareness of mental health in rural young people. She also studies at Walford & North Shropshire College.

Matt Caldicott, Farming Community Network
Matt is Development Officer at the Farming Community Network, a volunteer network with deep links in the farming community. The network aims to provide support for farmers whenever it is needed.

Andrea Malmberg (US rancher)

Andrea Malmberg is the Director of Knowledge Management at the Savory Institute, a global network restoring the grass-
lands of the world. She was raised on the land with livestock and real food in the western United States and has run profitable land-based businesses for over fifteen years including raising grass-fed beef and running an agritourism business where people could experience authentic cattle ranching.

After many years of practising Holistic Management, Andrea completed her studies in Zimbabwe and Argentina in 2007, becoming an Accredited Field Professional with the Savory Institute. In many different capacities, Andrea has facilitated researchers and citizens in gathering data and interpreting and understanding ecological, financial, and psycho-sociological phenomena so that they can make sound ecological, economic, and quality of life decisions.

Seeing a need for people, particularly those in agriculture, to build their capacity to enhance their well-being, Andrea has created a well-being self monitoring tool based on the science of Positive Psychology. By understanding the domains of well-being and their indicators, people using this tool are empowered to create action plans to enhance their well-being in ways that are culturally relevant, reflect their context and values, and aid in decision-making into how to strategically enable resources.
Twitter @AndreaMalmberg, @savoryinstitute

Audio Recording


Andrea Malmberg Presentation

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