Local Authorities and Access to Land


How can local authorities help to make land available for sustainable farming and growing? We’ll look at how a couple of farms have worked with their local authorities to access land as well as explore the wider picture in terms of policy and planning. This workshop will also introduce a new EU wide project on access to land for a new generation of agroecological farmers which is being led in the UK by the Real Farming Trust and the Soil Association.


Rachel Harries Rachel is Producer Skills Manager for the Soil Association. She is responsible for Producer Skills Training, runs the Future Growers scheme and is the coordinator of the Community Supported Agriculture Network UK. She is also part of an EU partnership on access to land. Rachel works with new entrants to farming advising on a range of issues, including how and where to access training, land, finance and support. She is also a good source of advice on how farmers and growers can engage communities and work with volunteers.

Twitter @rachelharries

Elizabeth Bragg Elizabeth Bragg works for OrganicLea, a food-growing workers’ cooperative based in the Lea Valley on London’s edge. OrganicLea grows food, distributes food and plants, and supports other people to grow food and enjoy the connections good food creates. Elizabeth helps to support training opportunities within OrganicLea’s box scheme and market stalls, facilitate school outreach gardens, as well as building and empowering community food movements to create social and political change.

Twitter @braggec, @organiclea

Samuel Smith Samuel works at Sutton Community Farm, a community-owned farm on the outskirts of London aiming to build farming skills.

Mark Walton Mark is Executive Director and founder of Shared Assets. Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the community and environmental fields. Prior to establishing Shared Assets he worked for six years at the Community Development Foundation, including managing the Every Action Counts programme. He is a 2012 Clore Social Fellow and an advisor to Defra on civil society issues.

Twitter @markcwalton, @shared_assets


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