Living with Livestock and its Shadow


Professor Mark Eisler sets out the arguments both for and against livestock as an integrated part of our future farming and challenges the view that intensification is the only route to increased profitability.

Professor Mark Eisler, Bristol University
Mark is Chair in Global Farm Animal Health at Bristol University and he is a co-director of the Food Security and Land Research Alliance among the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter and Rothamsted Research. A particularly important focus for the activity of the Alliance is the Rothamsted Research – North Wyke Farm Platform in Devon, a state of the art research facility for farm scale research on biophysical processes that influence agriculture and the environment, and a key node in the Global Farm Platform network.

Mark’s areas of expertise include preventive veterinary medicine, epidemiology and control of infectious diseases of ruminant livestock, and veterinary public health, both in the UK and internationally, focussing particularly but not exclusively on vector-borne and parasitic disease.


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Professor Eisler Presentation

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