Info for speakers, chairs and facilitators

Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to be a speaker, chair or session organiser. The great strength of ORFC is the fact that the content is provided by those who attend and we are very grateful to you all for helping create such an excellent programme.

Please also take note of the information for ALL ATTENDEES.

On arrival

  • At registration please make it known to the volunteers that you are a speaker and they will show you where your session(s) will be taking place.
  • If you have any queries (other than technical ones, for which see below) contact us.
  • Please be in your session room at least 30 mins before your session starts, ready for tech checks.

Presentations / slides

  • There are laptops and projectors in every room – these will be PCs rather than Macs.
  • Please send your presentation / slides to Fran BY 31ST DECEMBER 2019. We will ensure they are uploaded ready for your session. You should also bring your presentation on a portable storage device as backup.
  • Please provide your presentation with an aspect ratio of 4:3 unless you are in the St Aldates Room, the Council Chamber or the Court Room in which case it should have an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Please note that the screens in the Council Chamber and Court Room are small so slides should not include any small detail or text that is hard to read.
  • Please note the wifi is temperamental in the Town Hall so do not rely on the internet for any part of your presentation, and particularly ensure any videos are available on a datastick.
  • Please check that your presentation / slides are uploaded as early as possible by visiting the room where the session will be taking place during a break.
  • If you have any problems with tech, speak to the volunteer in your room who can contact technical support.
  • We would also like to make available to attendees written summaries and slides after the conference. Please save your presentation onto the laptop in the room you use. Do let us know if you have any objections to this with regards to your presentation.

During your session

  • Please end your session on time – sessions will be stopped if needed so we run to schedule. The volunteer steward in your session will hold up timing signs (20mins, 5mins, 1min) to help you.
  • Because of all the AV equipment we are using, there are likely to be cables at the front of each room and on stage in the Main Hall – please be careful.
  • If you would like to continue the discussion in the break you are welcome to, but please ensure there is a proper interlude to allow people to leave and move on to having a break, and please be aware that the next session may need to set up around you.
  • Please think about how you take questions and who you take questions from. We want people to feel able to ask anything and sometimes unconscious biases on the part of those taking questions, can cause people to feel unable to put their hand up. Here are some top tips:
    • Take a question from “the person in the red jumper” rather than “Jim” – so that you don’t discourage new people from asking questions
    • Think about taking the next three questions from women or from people who are not white, male and middle aged.
    • Ask for a question from “someone who is new to farming”, “someone who is new to the conference” or “someone who hasn’t asked a question at an event like this before” to encourage participation from new people.

Recording and outputs

  • We will be audio recording all sessions, and filming a few.
  • There will also be photography and a filmmaker.
  • We’ll make the recordings available after the conference.


  • The press will have “Press” badges. Feel free to talk to them during the conference. If they want to do a private interview in a quiet space, the press can ask to use a dedicated interview space.

Thank you again for helping to make ORFC such a key farming event.

Enjoy the conference!

The ORFC Team