Increasing plant health through reproduction of beneficial microbes

Chair: Matt Dunwell (Ragmans Farm) Speakers: Juanfran Lopez (Ragmans Farm), Ruben Borge (Rockin Soils)

What are biofertilisers for and how do they work to build healthy systems? Juanfran will be talking about how we can provide on farm fertility and resilience without external inputs, using easily replicated home-made tools for farmers. Juanfran has been running trials for a year at Ragmans Farm, this is an opportunity to share how to apply this technology in a temperate climate. Compost can be applied to the home garden, but home grown fertility is hard to produce at farm scale. Mineral biofertilisers offer the opportunity to scale up the use of soil biology to provide broadscale fertility at very little cost. Ruben will cover the practical production and application of biofertilisers to build system health, looking at case studies from the Netherlands, Spain, Ethiopia and China.


Beneficial Microbes powerpoint