How to scale up and replicate successful social enterprises

You’re running a project which is working well, but the need is far wider than you are able to deal with. So what should you do? There are two options. Scaling up , so that you grow bigger. Replicating in other locations, using techniques from open sourcing to social franchising, where others copy what you have been able to achieve. This session will explore the options and processes for scaling up and replication, illustrated through two real-life examples: HisBe, a local supermarket which buys locally whilst ensuring a fair deal for its suppliers; and the Ecological Land Trust, which helps sustainable farmers get started. Come to this session and get ideas for how to develop your own enterprise to achieve even greater impact. 

Michael Norton (Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action) 
Cate Chapman (Ecological Land Cooperative) 
Ruth Anslow (How it should be (hiSbe), ethical supermarket)


Audio recording:



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