Home grown protein: testing the options

Substituting for imported protein feeds is one of the most promising ways to improve the sustainability, resilience and profitability of livestock production. We’ll hear from those involved in three practical ‘field labs’ to test and refine different strategies for doing this, as part of the Innovative Farmers network.

Dafydd Jones (Maesllwyni Farm) is hosting a field lab investigating the nutritional value of different multi-species leys for finished lamb production. Liz Bowles (Soil Association) is coordinating a field lab that is sprouting cereals and pulses for livestock feed.

Dafydd Jones (Maesllwyni Farm)
Dr Gillian Butler (Newcastle University)
Liz Bowles (Soil Association)


Audio recording:



Speaker presentations:

Liz Bowles – Sprouted seeds

Gillian Butler – Reducing bought-in protein for pigs