Food Growing at Schumacher College: Combining Experimentation, Education and Productivity

Schumacher College, an international centre for sustainability in Devon, is probably the UK’s first ‘edible campus’. Students and apprentices help to grow a substantial proportion of the organic food consumed at the residential College, in 2 acres of polytunnels, kitchen gardens and perennial ‘polycultures’. The College has just taken on an additional 5.5 acres for mixed agroforestry trials. This session will focus on the more experimental aspects of the food production at the College, for example novel perennials and agroecological techniques, as well as the key ‘lessons learnt’ for both feeding and educating college students.


Jane Gleeson, Schumacher Colllege
Jane graduated in Medical Sciences at Cambridge University in 1990 and spent over ten years working in the NHS mostly within the field of mental health. She also studied theology, looking at religion and mental health. 15 years ago she started gardening and soon was completely hooked. “I was simply bowled over by plants and how endlessly fascinating they are”. She studied and worked at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew for three years and then taught Horticulture at Hadlow College in Kent. Before coming to Schumacher College she taught part time whilst running her own local garden maintenance business. She says: “I love working at the College with its emphasis on exploring and developing respectful relationships to each other, the planet and the food that sustains us.”

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