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Soil Association Certification

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Soil Association Certification

Soil Association Certification is the UK’s leading organic certification body, certifying over 70% of the UK organic market. We certify all farm sizes and enterprises and provide organic certification for on -farm packing and processing such as box schemes. We provide a comprehensive, expert certification service for farmers interested in organic conversion and offer our licensees a range of benefits and opportunities to help support their businesses. We are a not-for-profit business and any surplus income is gift aided to the Soil Association charity to develop, build and safeguard the organic sector.

The UK organic market has entered its ninth consecutive year of growth and UK sales are now at their highest ever level. With demand for organic increasing, there are opportunities for farmers looking to innovate and supply the organic sector.

Come and talk to us to meet the team and find out more about the economic and market opportunities in organic and the practicalities of organic production, conversion and certification.

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