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Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

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Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

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A practical guide to becoming Pasture for Life certified

Friday 8 January | 1pm GMT

Sunday 10 January | 3pm GMT

Wednesday 13 January | 5pm GMT

The idea for the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association arose in 2009, when a small group of British farmers decided to join together to extol the wide-ranging benefits of producing meat from animals fed exclusively on pasture.

Since then, the Association has developed, on a very limited budget, into an active, credible organisation, with over 600 members, that successfully champions the virtues of grass-based farming and meat and dairy production.

Run as a Community Interest Company (CIC) since 2011, the membership includes farmers, butchers, retailers and consumers – all with a passion to increase the supply and market for pastured meat.

A set of Certification Standards has been developed to define what pasture fed farming really means. Only Certified Farmers who adhere to these rules can market their meat under the Pasture for Life brand.

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