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From organic field to table: How to connect with consumers via the OTB campaign

Tuesday 12 January | 4pm GMT

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The Organic Trade Board (OTB) started in 2009 with the clear vision to make organic an everyday choice, forever. We are an independent, membership-funded organisation, with one purpose: bring the efforts of the UK organic industry together to collectively raise awareness and grow sales for organic.

Representing the UK organic market, we have passionate members, including farmers, certifiers, processors, co-ops and retailers, at the heart of our success and together we work to promote sustainable and innovative supply chains for a unified industry, to achieve our common goals.

We are in an exciting new phase of our history and it is a critical time to present a united front and convey the message ‘Nature has the answer. Organic works with nature’.

2020 has brought huge changes to our world, and now more than ever society is seeking solutions that help restore nature, health, and climate. The time is now for organic and, together with nature, we can restore our world.

We want to bring consumers closer to those passionate farmers who measure their success in terms of bees and trees, healthy soil, happy fulfilled lives, and pride in growing great food. Now is the time to share more stories about what it means to grow organic and why farmers are doing it; for themselves and for all of us, for Nature and for our planet.

By joining the OTB, every member becomes part of a mission to make organic an everyday choice. Forever. With every team and every individual playing their part in growing organic.

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