ORFC Global 2021 Exhibition Hall Now Live!

Exhibition Hall

Welcome to the ORFC Global 2021 Virtual Exhibition Hall!

This is a space where organisations and businesses connected to the real food and farming movement both in the UK and abroad can share information about their activities and programmes, products and services, and connect with the wider agroecological farming community. Check out the “booths” below to explore and learn more.

The views, thoughts and opinions of exhibitors are their own and not necessarily endorsed by ORFC.

Exhibition Hall

ETC Group


ETC Group is a small international organisation committed to bringing technology under democratic control. We providing analysis of socio-economic and technological trends, as well as exploring how they affect peasant and other smallholder and Indigenous communities. Fifteen staff spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas work alongside communities, particularly in the Global South, in order to strengthen local and grassroots visions of alternative futures.

Languages: English, Español, Français

Locations: Canada, Philippines