ORFC Global 2021 Exhibition Hall Now Live!

Exhibition Hall

Welcome to the ORFC Global 2021 Virtual Exhibition Hall!

This is a space where organisations and businesses connected to the real food and farming movement both in the UK and abroad can share information about their activities and programmes, products and services, and connect with the wider agroecological farming community. Check out the “booths” below to explore and learn more.

The views, thoughts and opinions of exhibitors are their own and not necessarily endorsed by ORFC.

Exhibition Hall

ETC Group


ETC Group is a small international organisation committed to bringing technology under democratic control. We providing analysis of socio-economic and technological trends, as well as exploring how they affect peasant and other smallholder and Indigenous communities. Fifteen staff spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas work alongside communities, particularly in the Global South, in order to strengthen local and grassroots visions of alternative futures.

Languages: English, Español, Français

Locations: Canada, Philippines

The Land Magazine

United Kingdom

The Land is a twice-yearly publication (fully referenced and entertainingly illustrated) which researches, informs and encourages everything to do with small-scale, ecologically sound land management practices, and campaigns for better access to land for all.

Languages: English, Français

Landworkers’ Alliance

United Kingdom

The Landworkers' Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers based in the UK. It is an affiliate of La Via Campesina, an international association of peasant and farming organisations which advocates for food sovereignty as an alternative to corporate-driven industrial agriculture. LVC is made up of 182 local and national organizations in 81 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, and represents over 200 million farmers.

Languages: English, Español, Français

Locations: International, United Kingdom

Organic Trade Board

United Kingdom

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) started in 2009 with the clear vision to make organic an everyday choice, forever. We are an independent and membership-funded organisation, with one purpose: bring the efforts of the UK organic industry together to collectively raise awareness and grow sales for organic. Representing the UK organic market, members include farmers, certifiers, processors, co-ops, retailers, and we all work together towards a unified industry to achieve our common goals.

Languages: English, Français, Italiano



Defra is responsible for improving and protecting the environment, growing the green economy and supporting world-class food, farming and fishing industries in England. Our departure from the EU gives us the opportunity to reform the way we regulate and support agriculture. By 2028, we want to see a renewed agricultural sector, producing healthy food for consumption at home and abroad, where farms can be profitable and economically sustainable without subsidy, while contributing to environmental goals.

Languages: English, Français, Nederlands

Treffler-Man@Machine B.V.

United Kingdom

Treffler Organic Machinery presents the Treffler TS Precision harrows for in Row Harrowing and clean fields. The Treffler harrow is unrivalled in mechanical weed control for all your vegetable and field crops. For clean fields in all crop stages, from emergence to maturity. Trefflers offers the widest adjustable tension range on the market and our tines always follow the contour of your field, ridge, hill, or raised bed guaranteeing that your field will be worked evenly. Machines in all sizes, for all farmers great and small.

Languages: English, Français, Nederlands, Ελληνικά