Engaging the Public and Catalysing Action on GMOs


It was public pressure which kept GMOs out of the UK in the late nineties. In the last decade, however, the issue has slipped off the public, media and political agenda. Now with the stakes higher than ever, how do we reach out to the general public and mobilise them to speak out before it’s too late. In this session, Beyond GM’s, Pat Thomas, GM Freeze’s, Liz O’Neill and GEN’s, Jim McNulty, join chair, Francesca Price, to discuss GM campaigning in 2014. What can each of us do to keep GM out of the UK? Hitting home the message:

Peter Kindersley will highlight the key issues about GM and alternatives that citizens need to know and show how he is getting the message to his customers.



Francesca Price
Francesca is a former BBC journalist and now campaign director for Beyond GM. She has written and made television programmes about environmental and food issues for 15 years. She also works as a communication consultant in the charitable sector.

Twitter @franprice

Liz O’Neill
Liz is the Director of GM Freeze, which campaigns on GM food, crops and patents. A campaigner with more than a decade of experience working on food, environmental and social justice issues, her first experience of genetic modification was in the lab, as a Biochemistry undergraduate more years ago than she wishes mention.

Twitter @GMFreeze

Jim McNulty
Jim is a grower and one of the founders of GEN – the Genetic Engineering Network – which has campaigned against GMOs since the late nineties.

Twitter @GenEngNetwork

Pat Thomas
Pat is a former editor of the Ecologist magazine and long-term campaigner, journalist and author and a director of the new UK initiative Beyond GM. Pat directed and helped establish Paul McCartney’s Meat-Free Monday in the UK and led the Cows Belong in Fields campaign for Compassion in World Farming, which won the organisation the Observer Ethical Award for Campaigner of the year 2011. She is a trustee of the investigative media agency Eyewitness.

Twitter @Beyond_GM


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