Ending the Weeds’ Winning Streak


With over 22 years of agronomy experience, Kevin Ashford explains how weeds have become so successful against a previously solid chemical defence and the change in fortunes that new approaches can bring.


Chair: John Turner (Lincolnshire farmer and former Vice-Chair of the PFLA)
A working farmer from Little Bytham, near Stamford in Lincolnshire, John runs a 100ha (245 acre), mixed farm together with his brother Guy and parents Anthony and Judy. The whole farm was converted to organic production in 1999. In addition to the production of cereal crops, the farm supports a commercial suckler beef herd of around 100 animals that are raised exclusively upon permanent and rotational pasture.

Kevin Ashford (Sustainable Soil Management)
As a farmer’s son it has always been Kevin’s interest to focus on soil and crop productivity and the sustainability of production in the UK. Kevin has advised within agriculture for over 20 years, having worked for some of the major UK agronomy firms advising growers on all aspects of crop and animal production, seed and fertiliser. Since joining Sustainable Soil Management Kevin has been able to experience and advise on soil across Europe, and has had the privilege of working on projects which have been focused on the reduction of phosphates into European waterways and holding seminars to deliver practical solutions for growers and land managers toward the sustainability of management practices associated with the soil’s chemical, physical and biological state.


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Kevin Ashford’s Presentation