Direct Marketing: How to Take Control of Your Own Product and Thrive!

There have NEVER been more reasons to consider selling your produce directly and NEVER been a better time to make the move and take control.

This workshop is for anyone who:
• Believes that direct sale could be a great option for their business.
• Would like to sell directly but doesn’t know where to begin.
• Has ever wanted to take control of their product.

What will you achieve?
• A better understanding of how to create your own brand.
• An insight into the reality of direct selling.
• The three steps you need to take to be successful.



Alison Teare

Alison is a widely-respected specialist in social media, helping businesses understand and take control of their own marketing in order to connect with their ideal customer base and develop their potential. Through her own company, Simply Marketing, she offers a wide range of workshops and coaching sessions, tailored to the individual needs and goals of her clients. Amongst her many credentials, Alison has served as marketing Coordinator for the Isle of Man Food & Drink initiative and Advisor to the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. Over a seven year period, Alison and her husband John have farmed in the North of the Isle of Man, converting their cross-bred continental herd to pure Galloways. Having decided to market their meat directly, Alison and John have found the experience of taking control and ownership of their product to be a hugely positive and rewarding one.
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Alison Teare – Direct Marketing