Changing diets, changing fields

Diets are changing. Indeed they need to change, fast, as the way Britain eats is catastrophically unhealthy and unsustainable. But what does that change entail on the ground, in farming? What part can farmers play in driving it? 

We will hear a view from Paul Wyman of Tuxford Windmill on trends in cereal production and consumption. Andrew Trump (Organic Arable) will describe how a group of arable farmers have teamed up with a processor to develop a more resilient value chain that can succeed in the field and in the marketplace. Nick Saltmarsh will talk about Hodmedod’s work to create new markets for British peas, beans and quinoa. 

Chair: Liz Bowles (Soil Association) 
Andrew Trump (Organic Arable) 
Nick Saltmarsh (Hodmedods) 
Paul Wyman (Tuxford Windmill)


Audio recording: