Category: Newsletter: Issue #3

Building an Anti-Racist Food Movement: Reflections from Land in Our Names

By Sam Siva The Black-led grassroots collective, Land in Our Names (LION), organised several hugely popular sessions at this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference which addressed the racial inequality of farmers and land distribution in the UK. After three weeks

CSA Start Up – Ready, Set, Go!

By Jackie Bridgen The last three months have been a time of great uncertainty for many farmers and food producers, but for Jackie Bridgen and her family they also presented the opportunity to realise their dream of starting a CSA.

In Bread We Trust

By Rupert Dunn   This week the first peasant bakery opened its doors on the St David’s peninsula in Wales. Run by ORFC regular, Rupert Dunn, Torth Y Tir, sold its first official loaves on Wednesday from heritage wheat that

Local Food Business: Has Covid changed everything or nothing at all?

By Richenda Wilson Richenda Wilson of the East London community-led food enterprise Growing Communities (GC) describes how dealing with the rollercoaster of COVID-19 – aside from being ridiculously hard work – has inspired thoughts about the future of UK food

What Lockdown in Italy Taught One Italian Farmer

By Daniele Bucci In January, Italian farmer, Daniele Bucci, attended his first ORFC and left wanting to make big changes in agriculture. By March, he was doing just that as he and other farmers in his region radically restructured their

Micro Dairies, Raves and Local Economies

By Alice Favre After the death of her mother three years ago, Alice Favre inherited the Chettle Estate; 900 acres of land near Blandford Forum in Dorset which includes dwellings, a restaurant with rooms, a busy village shop, a church, a

The Road to Renewal: Stories of Innovation, Adaptation and Resilience

 By Elliot Kett At the start of lockdown, The Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, decided to start recording the radical changes that we were seeing across our food and farming system and the impact the pandemic was having on rural

New Funding for Community Food Businesses

          Despite their recent elevation in status, community food businesses haven’t always been seen as a key part of our society.  For many, trying to find the funding to upscale or buy essential pieces of equipment

News Round-up

Survey on Alternative Approaches to Livestock Health Whole Health Agriculture are conducting a survey to find out how farmers and smallholders manage their animals health. They are particularly interested to hear from those who use ‘alternatives’ to conventional drugs and

Ruth’s Corner: A personal pick of what’s currently online

By Ruth West Co-founder of the ORFC, Ruth West, has spent lockdown watching many of the talks and webinars that have been taken online.  Here she cherry-picks the best of what’s out there…so you don’t have to! With so much