How Community Food Providers became Emergency Food Providers

By Francesca Price As Britain went into lockdown, millions of people across the country lost their jobs and the ability to access nutritious food.  With the government and other organisations struggling to meet the need, community food groups have stepped

From the Farming Frontlines: Neil Heseltine’s Lambing Diary

By Neil Heseltine Neil is the fourth generation of his family to farm Hill Top Farm, a 1200 acre upland farm with 140 Belted Galloway cattle and 250 sheep near Malham in North Yorkshire. The lockdown has meant no more

Farms to Feed Us

By Catherine St Germans  If you need something done, give it to a busy person, goes the old saying.  Here Catherine St Germans, founder of the Port Eliot Literary Festival and last year’s regenerative agriculture gathering in Cornwall, details how

A Food Revolution Starts with Seed

By Sinead Fortune Growing your own food has seen a resurgence on a scale that has been compared to the Dig For Victory campaigns of the second world war.  But with so few places selling seed, how can you take

Farming from the Frontlines: Keeping It Local in Somerset 

By Julie Baber From flooded fields to being flooded with nature-seeking urbanites, Somerset farmer Julie Baber gives us her view of the last dramatic months from the old mining community of Pensford.  First, it was all about the weather. While

Farmers Show Us How to Fear Properly

By Charles Foster The ‘shadow of terrible possibilities’ is with farmers on any given day, says naturalist and author, Charles Foster. Now the rest of us are having to learn to live with this new and heightened sense of fear. 

Food Shopping During Lockdown Doesn’t Have to Be a Miserable Experience

By Phil Haughton Better Food founder and regular ORFC delegate, Phil Haughton, gives us a glimpse behind the retail frontlines in Bristol, where a shared philosophy between retailer and customer has led to a bonding experience during a time of

The Man Who Tried to Feed the World

By Jeremy Cherfas A new documentary on PBS tells the story of Norman Borlaug whose work became the foundation for the Green Revolution.  Here Jeremy Cherfas tells us about Borlaug, his life and work, and offers a podcast in which

Virtually Back in Action

By Robert Lingard Robert Lingard is the new coordinator of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology for Sustainable Food and Farming. Here he gives a brief update on how Parliament is endeavouring to get back to work after the

News Round-up

Further news and events across the real food and farming community. Please send us anything you’d like to share for the next newsletter in a few weeks’ time.  Open Food Network (OFN) is offering two webinars a week for any

Books, Films, Podcasts: Inspirations from the Northern Real Farming Conference Team

Dr Rachel Marshall, N8 AgriFood Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University  I’ve just finished Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and I think it’s one of the best books about our place in the world.  I also really

In Praise of Short Supply Chains

By Francesca Price As the coronavirus pandemic affects every area of the food supply chain, the ORFC team find out how Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), box schemes and others working with shorter supply chains are responding to the sudden huge