ORFC 2016

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ORFC 2016 Programme

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Opening Plenary

Better jobs and better farming

Soil health without breaking the bank

UK food sovereignty: Building a movement that wins

Raising cattle and sheep just on pasture – it can be done!

Retail the missing link in scaling up

The Polish example

Can migrants form the next generation?

Managing cover crops

Creating a national food policy

True cost accounting in food and farming

Mobilising for agroecology in the U.K.

Synthetic Biology: The latest assault on agriculture

A new rural manifesto: Equality in the countryside

Game changer: Organic vs conventional food

A field of wheat

The corruption of agricultural science

Changing diets, changing fields

The international context: experiences from La Via Campesina

Our grass-fed future

Urban agriculture and community farming

Care Farming: good for people, good for farms

The case against intensive livestock production

Biopesticides under the microscope

This land is whose land: A history of land access in the UK

Funding real farming: where’s the money?

Life beyond neonicotinoids

Let them eat cake: The right to food

Farming for tomorrow

Home-grown protein – testing the options

The dairy crisis: are microdairies the solution?

Strengthening the peoples’ markets

Defining peasant agriculture

How can we win the war on words on GM?

Wildlife on farms: why should we care?

Low-input dairying: how less can be more

Community Supported Agriculture in the UK

The big estates of the future

The new grain revolution

How to scale up and replicate a successful enterprise

Runaway Maize

Sustainable Intensification vs Mixed Farming

Practical seed saving

Agroforestry: what it is and why it’s needed

Access to land and Land for our food (film)

Community Supported Agriculture in Europe

Eradicating Malnutrition

What does good welfare look like

Rural and urban: building bridges

The College for real farming and food culture

The role of local authorities in securing access to land

Trees and woods: potential allies in livestock farm productivity?

Closing plenary