ORFC 2014

On the occasion of the 5th Oxford Real Farming Conference, Graham Harvey and Colin Tudge wrote A Manifesto for a New Agriculture


ORFC14 programme Download full programme for Freedom farming (at Magdalen College) and Building the Renaissance (at Jesus College and Turl Street Kitchen)

Speakers and presentations

The Future of World Food Systems, Geoff Tansey presentation and paper

Building Resilience into Farming Andy Goldring presentation,

Mike Jones presentation, Sara Burbi presenation, paper and poster

Research and Innovation for Commercial Smallholders Kate Collyns presentation, the Organic Research Centre report

Opportunities for Community Growing in the UK Jeremy Iles presentation

The Future of Upland Farming  session outline, Patrick Krause notes

Launch of the Agroecology (Food Security) Bill, read more

Farmer Success Stories Paul Sousek poster

Access to Land Terre de Liens case study, Tom Curtis presentation, Zoe Wangler presentation

Access to Finance Helen Melia presentation, Funding Enlightend Agriculture

Politics and Campaiging Judith Hichman presentation, Barbara Stutz (Nourish) presentation

European Farming Gonzalo Palomo presentation

The American Experience summary of talk by Severine von Tscharnr Fleming, Greenhorns

Bees and Agroecology with Kevin Coleman presentation

Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture with Natasha Giddings and Ana Digón presentation

Planning for local food with Daniel Scharf article


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Graham Harvey & Colin Tudge, The Ecologist

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